TF1260 – 68060 CPU Accelerator Board with 128 MB Fast-RAM for Amiga 1200

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This CPU accelerator will skyrocket your Amiga 1200 performance. Upgrade to the fastest Motorola CPU available!

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Motorola 68060 CPU based accelerator for the Amiga 1200. It’s brand new and professionally built. The offer includes:

  • Available with different MC68060RC50 and MC68LC060RC50 CPUs
  • Features 128 MB Fast-RAM (very fast 60ns access time)
  • High quality PCB with immersion gold surface finish
  • Floppy Disk including the 68060 library files
  • Two years warranty service in case of defect (no warranty for overclocked CPUs) !

68060 CPU Library Files

In order to run any 68060 CPU on your Amiga, you need to put the 68060 library files to your LIBS: folder on your hard drive. You either can order a floppy disk containing these files or download MMULib from

CPU Options (68060)

The low-cost MC68LC060 CPU features an MMU, but no FPU. The vast majority of Amiga software does not need an FPU. If you go with the 68LC060 CPU, we recommend to install software in the 020/030 mode (if asked and if there’s no option for 060 without FPU). This way you install the software package without FPU support, but with the full 060 speed.

You do not need to pay special attention while installing software when using the full-featured MC68060RC50 CPU including integrated MMU+FPU.

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