RICOH RP5C01 – Real Time Clock

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Real Time Clock (RTC) for Amiga 3000(T) and 4000(T).

  • Direct  CPU Connection
  • 4-bit bidirectional data bus : D0 – D3
  • 4-bit address input: A0 – A3
  • Built-in clock counter (hour, minute, second) and calendar counter (leap year, year, month, day, day-of-the-week)
  • Supports both 12-hour AM/PM clock and 24-hour clock
  • All clock data expressed in BCD codes • ±30 second adjustment function
  • Backed up by batteries (minimum:2.2V)
  • Built-in RAM
  • Outputs alarm signals or timing pulse of 16Hz or 1Hz.
  • Housing: 18pin DIP

Datasheet: RICOH RP5C01A

Location on different Amiga models:

A3000 U190
A3000-T U190
A4000 U178
A4000cr U178
A4000-T U180


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