Amiga Ethernet Adapter (Plipbox)

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The Plipbox Deluxe allows your Commodore Amiga 500 / 600 / 1200 / 1000 / 2000 / 2500 / 3000(T) / 4000(T) / CD-TV / CD-32 to connect via Ethernet to your local network and the Internet. You don’t need to unscrew your Amiga, just plug the Plipbox Deluxe to the Parallel port.

Every Plipbox Deluxe is also available as special Amiga 1000 edition (female connector and correct pinout). If you wish the A1000 edition, please select the Amiga 1000 edition with the drop-down menu above!


device driver and a corresponding setup manual for the TCP/IP stack on the Amiga side is provided online by lallafa, the designer and inventor of the original Plipbox.


The I/O speed is up to 96 kB/s which corresponds to 768 kBit/s, the speed of 12 parallel ISDN lines. Benchmarks have shown, that the maximum achievable transfer speed is CPU bound. That means, that the faster your Amiga CPU is, the faster the transfer speed will be. More detailed benchmarks for the Plipbox Delxue can be found here.


This edition of the Plipbox Deluxe includes two LEDs that indicate power and network activity. A PhotoMOS relay was additionally built-in that switches the Plipbox Deluxe automatically on/off as soon as you switch your Amiga on/off.


An Amiga system with Kickstart greater or equal to 2.0 and at least 2MB of RAM. A hard drive and a 68020+ CPU is recommended.

Power Supply

Since the Parallel port of the Amiga only provides a maximum current of approx. 10mA, an external power supply is needed. Please use a DC 9V power supply unit with centre positive polarity (12V is too high and will damage your Plipbox Deluxe). You also can use a conventional regulated 5V DC USB charger alternatively (e.g. from a cell phone or an MP3 player) connecting to the Mini-USB port on the rear side of the Plipbox Deluxe. Don’t try to power the Plipbox with a Mini-USB cable connected to a computer, you need a power supply unit (charger) connected to the Mini-USB cable! However, in order to make advantage of the built-in PhotoMOS relay, you will have to power your Plipbox Deluxe by a DC 9V power supply unit delivering at least 300 mA.

Here you find suitable DC 9V power supply units (5.5mm round barrel connector with centre positive polarity).


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