Multifix OCS/ECS/AGA Flicker-Fixer/Scan-Doubler

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A flicker-fixer/scan-doubler for the Amiga 2000, 3000 and 4000. This board can be used for ECS and AGA systems and lets you connect standard VGA monitors to your Amiga.

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  • Auto-detects OCS, ECS and AGA Amiga systems
  • PAL and NTSC compatible (selectable)
  • Doubles native Amiga ~15.6 kHz video signal to ~31.5 kHz
  • Fixes flickering for interlaced screen modes (frame lag)
  • True bypass for multisync monitors (switch 1)
  • True blank signal for full black detection (switch 2)
  • RTG loop through for the Piccolo SD64 Clone graphics board
  • Audio output as 3.5mm Klinke connector
  • I2C interface to read out monitor data
  • USB connectors to supply other devices with power

This product can be combined with the Piccolo SD64 RTG (Clone) board (cp. product images 5+6). The combination will automatically switch between RTG and native Amiga video screen modes.


This product is officially licensed from Matthias Heinrichs by this web shop. Royalties are paid for each unit sold.


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