BFG9060 – 68060 CPU Accelerator Board for Amiga 4000(T)

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This CPU accelerator will skyrocket your  Amiga 4000(T) performance. Upgrade to the fastest Motorola CPU available!

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Motorola 68060 CPU based accelerator for the Amiga 4000(T). It’s brand new and professionally built.

  • Available with MC68040RC25 CPU (FPU+MMU), MC68LC060RC50 (MMU) Revision 4 and MC68060RC50 (FPU+MMU) Revision 6 (Mask: 71E41J)
  • Including 128 MB of very fast on-board Fast-RAM (supports DMA and move16 bursts)
  • Including Boot-ROM that handles CPUs featuring an FPU without any need for a special Kickstart ROM (Plug & Play)
  • Overclock feature which can be configured by on-board jumpers (up to 100 MHz on the A4000(T) with a MC68060RC50  Revision 6 CPU)
  • Optional floppy disk including 68060 library files
  • Optional LTC2990 voltage- and temperature monitor (accessible via an I2C board, e.g. CPLDICY)
  • Optional heat-sink/fan modules (low-profile and high-profile)
  • 5 years warranty service in case of defect (no warranty for overclocked CPUs)

CPU Options (68060)

The low-cost MC68LC060 CPU features an MMU, but no FPU. The vast majority of Amiga software does not need an FPU. If you go with the 68LC060 CPU, we recommend to install software in the 020/030 mode (if asked and if there’s no option for 060 without FPU). This way you install the software package without FPU support, but with the full 060 speed.

You do not need to pay special attention while installing software when using the full-featured MC68060RC50 CPU including integrated MMU+FPU. The MC68060RC50 revision 6 is the latest and most optimized edition ever produced by Motorola. The revision 6 can be run in most cases at 100 MHz by using the BFG9060 overclocking feature, but only on the A4000 desktop and tower models. We recommend the standard 50 MHz if you run the BFG9060 in a A3000(T). Besides the revision 6, there are also revision 1 and 5 editions of the MC68060RC50 CPU including an MMU+FPU that run a little bit hotter and are not suitable for overclocking, but fit well with the A3000(T), where you run the CPU at the standard 50 MHz anyway.

Library Files (68060)

In order to run any 68060 CPU on your Amiga, you need to put the 68060 library files to your LIBS: folder on your hard drive. We recommend to use the Mu680x0Libs files from (download link).


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This version of the BFG9060 accelerator board is officially licensed from Matthias Heinrichs by this web shop. Royalties are paid for each unit sold.


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