Amiga Zorro (LAN+IDE+Clockport)

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This is a Zorro Expansion board for the big-box Amigas (A2000/A3000/A4000 or A500 with Zorro interface). It comes with a SANA-II compatible Ethernet driver, an BSC AT-BUS compatible IDE controller and a clockport for variuous expansions like RapidRoard from Individual Computers.

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  • LAN interface with SANA-II compatible driver to access the Internet with FastEthernet
  • IDE interface with auto-boot ROM (works with Kickstart 1.3 – 3.2)
  • Clockport  for various expansions like RapidRoard, 16-bit sound cards, etc.
  • Zorro II/II Auto-Sensing


This product is officially licensed from Matthias Heinrichs by this web shop. Royalties are paid for each unit sold.


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