A3660 – 68060 CPU Accelerator Board for Amiga 3000(T)/4000(T)

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This CPU accelerator will skyrocket your Amiga 3000 and Amiga 4000 performance. Upgrade to the fastest Motorola CPU available.

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Motorola 68060 CPU based accelerator for the Amiga 3000(T) and Amiga 4000(T). It’s brand new and professionally built. The offer includes:

  • Available with MC68040RC25 CPU (MMU+FPU) or MC68LC060RC50 (MMU) Revision 4
  • High quality PCB with immersion gold surface finish
  • High quality hybrid polymer SMD capacitors (will not leak)
  • Brand new components (no pulls from vintage boards, except CPU)
  • Default Crystal (50MHz) and crucial GAL devices on sockets, ready to experiment with overclocking
  • Floppy Disk including the 68060 library files
  • This accelerator board supports 68040 CPUs as well
  • 5 years warranty service in case of defect (no warranty for overclocked CPUs)

Additional options are available:

  • Extra Crystals (54 MHz, 60 MHz, 64MHz) for overclocking (up to 50 MIPS)
  • Heat sinks (A3000D) and Heat sinks + Fan modules (A3000T and A4000(T))
  • Extra SpeedGeek GAL set for faster IDE access rates (up to 2.5 MB/s)
  • Stand-Offs to properly mount the accelerator board to your mainboard (free)

This high quality accelerator board is completely bug-fixed (A3660 Revision 1.2). The 10uF ceramic capacitor at position C501 has been replaced with a much better suited 10uF Tantalum capacitor that ensures stable operation of the 3.3V driven 68060 CPU. Moreover, an additional jumper to configure overclocking and selecting the delay-line’s output between 5ns and 10ns has been added.

Library Files (68060 CPU)

In order to run any 68060 CPU on your Amiga, you need to put the 68060 library files to your LIBS: folder on your hard drive. You either can order a floppy disk containing these files or download them for example from phase5.a1k.org (direct download link).

GAL Devices

There are two options available, the original Commodore and the SpeedGeek GAL sets. The SpeedGeek GAL devices eliminate one wait-state for each CPU cycle and therefore speeds-up the A3660 board’s access times (RAM-, ROM-, IDE- and Custom Chipset accesses) between 5-10%. The good thing is, that there are no known compatibility issues by using these SpeedGeek GAL devices. Therefore we recommend to order the board with the SpeedGeek configuration. The difference between the Commodore and the SpeedGeek GAL devices are made up of U203, U208, U204, U205 and U207; the other GALs are the same.

Do you want to upgrade your Amiga even more?

An ideal combination together with this accelerator board is the ZZ9000 graphics board (Full-HD 1920×1080), including 1024 MB of Fast-RAM, an Ethernet port and SD-Card slot.


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Construction Kit

Construction Kits are now available again (click here).

Please visit this link to get all necessary information to build the A3660 accelerator board yourself in case you ordered the construction kit.


The PCB design is provided by John Hertell, alias Chucky, thank you!



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