1. Scope of the Contract

These General Terms and Conditions of Contract apply to the sale of all AMIGA68K.COM products by telephone, e-mail or via the Online Shop to traders, BUSINESSES, consumers, users or any other end recipient to whom orders may be delivered within Switzerland and abroad in accordance with the provisions of clause 4 (international sales). In any case, the use of the services of the AMIGA68K.COM Shop by the Customer implies compliance with the General Terms and Conditions in the version published by at the time of sending the order request, which is available to the Customer on the Website. It is therefore advisable for the customer to read the General Terms and Conditions carefully before placing an order. Thus, if the customer selects the option “I have read and agree to the website terms and conditions” in the shopping cart on the website, he is deemed to have fully understood and accepted them. If, on the other hand, the customer does not accept these terms and conditions, the transaction is not concluded and does not result in the assumption of any obligation on the part of the customer.

2. Prices, Payment Terms, Delivery, Availability and Return of Products.

2.1 Prices

The prices indicated on the screen next to each PRODUCT are expressed in Swiss francs (CHF). Shipping costs are NOT included in the price of the items, as they depend on the quantity of items selected and the place of delivery of the order. The shipping costs can be viewed at any time, but once the order is confirmed, you can choose between different methods, and in any case they will be displayed with an explanation before the CUSTOMER completes the order request. The offers will be duly marked and identified as such. AMIGA68K.COM reserves the right to make changes it deems appropriate at any time and WITHOUT notice, and may update products and prices daily according to market conditions. The price applicable to the CUSTOMER’s order request is the price indicated at the time of acceptance of the General Contract Terms.

2.2 Payment Modalities

The User may, if he so wishes, pay for his purchase in advance, at the time of submission of the order form, using PayPal or a SEPA-compliant bank transfer. In this case, the CUSTOMER accepts that PayPal will debit the amount indicated in the shopping cart from his card in advance. In the event that the personal data provided during the ordering process on AMIGA68K.COM differs from those deposited with PayPal, AMIGA68K.COM reserves the right to cancel the order for security reasons. The CUSTOMER may cancel any ORDER REQUEST before the final confirmation of the ORDER. If the ORDER has already been confirmed by e-mail or by any other means of communication, the provisions of section 2.4 of these General Contract Terms shall apply.

2.3 Deliveries and Availability

2.3.1 Orders are usually shipped within 2-5 business days after receipt of payment.

2.3.2 Upon receipt of the goods by the customer, it is necessary for any claims against the carrier to note on the delivery bill of the carrier any defects in the condition of the goods or packaging. This incident must be reported to AMIGA68K.COM by email or contact form within 24 hours of receipt. Otherwise, the transport authority could assume that the product has been accepted (only for insured shipments with tracking number).

2.3.3 After receiving the goods, the customer has to check if the delivery is complete and not defective. If the Buyer does not make any complaints after 7 days from the receipt of the goods, the goods shall be deemed accepted in all respects.

NOTE: AMIGA68K.COM will facilitate as far as possible all necessary procedures between the customer and the carrier, as well as mediate with the latter for the resolution of disputes.

2.4 Cancellation Conditions

By ordering and paying for products you enter into a binding purchase contract with AMIGA68K.COM. If you are not satisfied with the purchased product, we grant you a right of return of 14 days, starting from the day you received the order. The return postage must be paid by the CUSTOMER and the initial postage paid while ordering, will NOT be refunded. Unfortunately, PayPal fees incurred over 5.5% of the purchase price will be retained by PayPal in the event of a cancellation. These fees are NOT covered by AMIGA68K.COM and are on the side of the CUSTOMER. With bank transfers it behaves the same, there the fees amount to 1.8%. An example for clarification: If you buy a product over 89 CHF + 11 CHF postage (total of 100 CHF) and pay with Paypal; then you will be refunded 83.50 CHF in case of cancellation (postage over 11 CHF will not be refunded and the 5.5% PayPal fees, or 5.50 CHF, will be retained by PayPal).

2.5 Warranty and Claims

The warranty for items marketed by AMIGA68K.COM is the warranty provided by the manufacturer, usually 1-2 years for residential users, as provided in the revised text of the Consumer and User Protection Act and other laws. The warranty for certain consumables (printer consumables, replacement lamps, batteries, etc.) is limited to the useful life (3, 6 or 12 months) specified by the manufacturer, and the warranty for used items is 1 year, as provided for in the revised text of the Law for the Protection of Consumers and Users and other laws. If the CLIENT wishes to exercise its right to warranty, you have the choice between repair or replacement of the goods (unless one of these options is impossible or disproportionate) or termination of the contract, under the conditions set out in the legislation on warranty of consumer goods and other regulations applicable in your case. AMIGA68K.COM is liable for the lack of conformity of the goods during the periods and under the conditions established by law. Likewise, the USER is bound to comply with the requirements and deadlines established in the legislation for the exercise of these rights. In addition, Article 123.4 of the General Law for the Protection of Consumers and Users establishes that “the consumer and user must inform the seller of the lack of conformity within two months of discovering the lack of conformity”.

2.5.1 The warranty conditions specified by the respective manufacturers apply to all hardware items within the scope of the applicable legal regulations. Please read the warranty conditions of the individual products.

It is the customer’s responsibility to find out about the compatibility of the purchased hardware with other hardware components or a particular system. AMIGA68K.COM does not guarantee the hardware for these reasons, unless the invoice reflects the compatibility conditions that the customer considers appropriate for the purchase of the same, and which have been previously communicated to AMIGA68K.COM.

2.5.2 The defective material subject to warranty will always be sent to our technical service, with the details of the anomalies found on the material, together with the manuals, disks and cables originally sent and together with the requirements established by AMIGA68K.COM at any time.

2.5.3 In the case of software or audiovisual products, the warranty is void if they are unsealed. In all other cases, the warranty will be settled after our technicians have confirmed that the product has been properly handled and used.

2.5.4 If a product is sent to our technical service without it being found to be defective (for example, because the customer was unable to install and commission it properly due to lack of the necessary knowledge), it will not be processed as a warranty product, but as a technical service, in which case AMIGA68K.COM will provide the customer with an estimate based on the rates for this service, which will include both the time spent by our technical service to inspect the product and the cost of returning the product to us.

2.5.5 The Product returned under warranty will be repaired or replaced with a new Product. If repair or replacement is not possible, the cost of the product will be refunded.

2.5.7 AMIGA68K.COM will provide technical support within the times specified for this function.

3. Protection of Personal Data

In accordance with the provisions of the applicable Data Protection Act, the CLIENT is informed that the personal data requested through the Websites or other means will be included in the automated files for which AMIGA68K.COM is responsible and will be subject to automated processing. In the event that the CLIENT provides his/her data in order to receive information about AMIGA68K.COM’s products or services, or for any other matter that does not result in a customer/supplier relationship, the data collection form will include an authorization clause, the acceptance of which implies that he/she gives his/her full consent to the automated processing of the data provided, in accordance with the Data Protection Act. You are deemed to accept these terms when you click on the “SUBMIT” button on the data collection form next to the consent clause. The information provided by the CLIENT will be used by AMIGA68K.COM exclusively for the following purposes: i) Sending the information expressly requested. ii) Periodically sending information about AMIGA68K.COM’s business, products or services, including new developments that occur in relation to them. In any of the above cases, once registered in AMIGA68K.COM’s databases, the CLIENT may, at any time, exercise its rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition, in accordance with the applicable legislation.

4. International Sales

For all sales made outside the territory of Switzerland, the shipping costs corresponding to the weight and volume of the items ordered will be charged and will be confirmed to the CUSTOMER before the order is finalized. In the event that the price of delivery is not correctly indicated, the CUSTOMER will receive the correct postage cost by email after submitting the order request and must then confirm his interest in the transaction, otherwise it will be considered as not having been made. On the other hand, sales made by individuals residing outside of Switzerland are subject to the respective country-specific VAT and import tax. VAT and import duties are levied by the respective customs authorities and are NOT included in the sales price.

5. Reservation of Ownership

The CUSTOMER expressly retains ownership of the equipment and parts listed in the invoice until the amount has been paid in full. Payment shall not be deemed to have been made if it is made by checks or bills of exchange and these are not validly honored.