Motorola MC68060RC50 CPU (Revision 6, Mask: 71E41J)

CHF 349.00

  • 100% Genuine Motorola MC68060RC50 Revision 6 CPU
  • Including MMU+FPU / Mask: 71E41J
  • Overclockable up to 100MHz depending on accelerator board
  • Thoroughly tested and in great condition

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The MC68060RC50 CPU with mask 71E41J is the latest revision of the high-end CPU family from Motorola. The processor has a built-in Memory Management Unit (MMU) and a built-in Floating Point Unit (FPU). This CPU is perfectly suitable for overclocking and therefore fully meets all the requirements for every 68060 accelerator board for the Amiga, Atari and other 060 based computer systems. The CPUs are in great condition, 100% genuine and thoroughly tested.


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