A3660 – 68060 CPU Accelerator Board

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This CPU accelerator will skyrocket your Amiga 3000 and Amiga 4000 performance. Upgrade to the fastest Motorola CPU available!

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Motorola 68060 CPU based accelerator for the Amiga 3000(T) and Amiga 4000(T). It’s brand new and professionally built.

  • CPU type is selectable by drop-down box (CPU revision 1, 5 and 6)
  • Available with full Motorola 68060 CPU, latest revision 6, stays cool even when heavily overclocked
  • CPU contains a Floating Point Unit (FPU) and a Memory Management Unit (MMU) by default
  • High quality PCB with immersion gold surface finish
  • High quality SMD capacitors (will not leak)
  • Brand new components (no pulls from vintage boards)
  • Supports 68040 CPUs as well (easy switchable by on-board jumper)

This high quality extension board is completely bug-fixed (A3660 REV 1.1).

Do you want boost your Amiga even more?

An ideal combination together with this accelerator board is the ZZ9000 graphics board (Full-HD 1920×1080), including 1GB of Fast-RAM, an Ethernet port and SD-Card slot.


The PCB design is provided by John Hertell, alias Chucky, thank you!



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