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Plipbox Deluxe Ethernet Adaptor

The Plipbox Deluxe allows your Commodore Amiga to connect to the Internet and your local network. You don’t need to unscrew your Amiga, just plug the Plipbox Deluxe to the Parallel port.

A3660 – CPU Accelerator for A3000(T) and A4000(T)

The A3660 is a newly designed CPU accelerator for your Amiga 3000(T) and Amiga 4000 (T) that will sky-rocket the performance of your machine. The 68060 is the fastest Motorola CPU available for the Amiga.

TF1260 – CPU Accelerator for A1200

The TF1260 is a high-performance 68060 CPU accelerator for your Amiga 1200. It includes 128 MB of Fast-RAM which is auto-configured and features very fast access times (60ns). The 68060 CPU is the fastest Motorola CPU available for the Amiga.

CDTV Infrared Remote Control Adaptor

Ever wanted to control your Amiga from the couch? Then you’ve come to the right place. The CDTV infrared remote control adaptor is simply plugged into the mouse or joystick port and off you go. The power is drawn directly from your Amiga, no external power supply unit is needed.

AMIGA 3000 Mini

The AMIGA 3000 Mini is a Raspberry Pi based emulation computer featuring a lovely housing including three LEDs indicating power, storage access and network activity. The housing also includes a heat sink and powerful fan too keep your Raspberry Pi cool while playing games or working on AmigaOS 3.9 with graphics card, network and fast CPU support.

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